Why are so many lawyers good at golf? – What your activities can reveal about you to others

9 09 2011

Tim is a golfer but not just any golfer.  Unlike me, he is actually pretty good.  His disposition is made for golf.  He’s the kind of guy that will analyze every part of his swing mechanics and make small adjustments until he takes an extra stroke off his game.  He doesn’t over adjust because he’s always got his eye on the prize — getting the ball in the hole.

Alex Angarita Blog golf-lesson

Alex Angarita Blog golf

It’s not any wonder that this ability to focus on the details while maintaining a drive towards a single goal is what is going to make Tim a great lawyer some day.  Successful lawyers are detail oriented people who can and do spend hundreds, sometimes thousands of hours breaking down the facts and making small adjustments to every nuance in a complicated case.  The best ones keep their eye on the prize –winning the case for their clients.  This is exactly the kind of mentality that is often displayed by golfers like Tim.  It’s no wonder that Tim’s golf analogy on his essay helped him get into a top 25 law school.  It’s also no wonder why so many lawyers love golf.  This is why it’s important to understand how your activities can reflect things about you to admissions officers or potential employers, even subconsciously.  You can point out the link in an anecdote during an interview, if it’s appropriate, and it’s often a great way to catch the attention of someone reading another cookie cutter essay or resume.  Just make sure you can live up to the hype.  Attorneys take their golf pretty seriously.



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